Cherie Leighton Goodwin
Quilting and Crafts


"These beautiful quilts that Cherie made for my family mean more to me than words can describe. When my husband passed away two years ago, my three young children and I had so many memories of him that we wanted to cherish. With Cherie's help, we now have a very special and unique way to preserve his memory. I took all of my husband's t-shirts, picking special ones for each child, and gave them to Cherie. The end result was beyond my expectation. The time, effort and love that she put into these quilts made them come alive. Last Father's Day, when I gave these quilts to each of my children, it is a moment they (and I) will never forget. The quality of each quilt is truly amazing. To walk into my kids' rooms and see them sleeping peacefully with them is very comforting.  It's as if their dad is right there wrapped around them. They actually use them as bedspreads and every morning they pull them up so they stay nice and neat. We will have these quilts forever and my husband will forever stay in our hearts."
Kelly Blaisdell

"When my brother passed away from melanoma brain cancer at age 45, I wanted to remember everything about him to feel close to him.  My sister-in-law had Cherie make some quilts out of my brother's t-shirts and the kids loved them.  As a surprise gift, she had Cherie make me a quilted throw.  I was able to pick out the colors of the borders and cloth backing.  My brother had so many great t-shirts, the throw came out amazing.  I touch his shirt and it makes me feel so close to him.  I can remember a funny joke or something we were doing while he was wearing one of those shirts.  As an added gift for Christmas, Cherie made me a teddy bear out of one of his fleece jackets.  It's the sweetest bear.  It makes me so happy to look at it.  I can't say in words the gift that Cherie gave to me with her artwork.  Nothing can bring him back, but having these keepsakes keeps him closer than you can imagine."
Johanna Blaisdell Ghossein

"I cannot tell you how happy and 'melancholy' my two boys were when they opened their quilts on Christmas!   It was like a walk down memory lane.  We spent so much time talking about all the wonderful experiences we as a family shared, thanks to their sports teams and participation.  It was such a treat for us all!  Many thanks for all your hard work, talent and patience in making our whole family's Christmas more wonderful!"
Beth Bayuk

In 2010, we had the privilege to personally deliver her wonderful quilt to honor Giant Panda Lin Ping's birth at the Chiang Mai Zoo in Thailand. When Lin Ping was one year old, Cherie donated 2 most beautifully crafted totes for auction during a dinner reception. Needless to say, both pieces fetched a handsome sum for the zoo.
We are extremely thankful for people with big hearts and tremendous talents. Cherie's generous nature in giving so many of her original and beautiful creations to various zoos around the world are a testimony to her charitable gifts and artistic abilities.
William and Karom Burke
Honolulu, Hawaii

"The very large quilted photo tote bag Cherie made for me is my favorite airline carry-on.  It's traveled all over the world with me, been stuffed in overhead bins and under seats as well as tossed in the trunks of many cars and still looks brand new.  I've crammed it full of all kinds of bulky and heavy things and it performs beautifully.  I've sent her all sorts of other custom projects and she's never let me down!  She is truly gifted with a needle and thread."
Esther de Ipolyi

"Cherie, the artist, and I began our friendship 6 years ago through a magical Giant Panda bear born at the Smithsonian National Zoo, Tai Shan.  Together we have ventured into fundraising for Giant Pandas worldwide.  There are no real words to describe Cherie’s creativity, passion and ability to give unconditionally.  She has truly shed her light on my life through these special black and white bears.  I was fortunate to win one of her fundraiser quilts on eBay. Not a day goes by that I don't admire this gorgeous quilt.  Cherie has also made three memory quilts, for my two sisters and Mom.  The first question someone asks when they see their quilts is: 'Who made this beautiful quilt?'  The level of the quality of her products is outstanding.  You will never be disappointed.
Susan Tunstall